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its aloha friday! no work till monday...a dooby doo, doo doo doo dooby doo...... i think those are the right lyrics, but the words arent fitting to me exactly cuz i gotta work tomorrow too!

tonight is the "Gift for Mom" class. for this class, we will have kids make a gift for their moms, but mom cant see the gift until mothers day! this is the first time we're doing a class like this, and i think its gonna be great! we are going to do another class like this for father's day too.
i finally have pictures from National Scrapbook Day! for NSD, we had a scavenger hunt and took everyone's picture when they finished. heres a few, take a peek:
Dr. Ashley
Dr. Brenda
Dr. Alex and his mom Dr. Erin
Dr. Nicole
and the winner of the prize basket, Janice!
i'll bet she had fun playing with her new "surgical supplies" for those who came and participated, thanks for coming out, we had lots of fun with you! and a big thank you to the croppers who spent their time here at Scrapbook Heaven!
i got a chance to update the class schedule for may (sorry it took me a whole week, idk why i didnt check that!) but if you see the "dirty elegance" thats my class! it was a series i started a couple years ago but havent been able to re-ignite until now! in this class, i use different distressing techiniques to make a scrapbook page or two. for this month's class, i am using 5 sheets of printed paper and 6 sheets of cardstock to make a bunch of different things including 2 8x8 layouts, a matchbook bragbook, a card and a couple more goodies! here is a sneak peek at some of the ingredients.
this class is on friday may 15th from 6:30pm.
i have one more thing before i get going and its a little off topic but still fun! i want you to meet my new best friend, Shaggy!
he is such a cutey! he is chihuahua with a little bit of dachshund. you can really see the dachshund in his nosey! so far he's been sleeping a lot, and he is such a well behaved little boy.

if you wonder why we named him shaggy, its because our two beagles are scooby and daphne ;)

see you later!

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