there's only two types

good morning starshine! the earth says hello! ok, well its not morning anymore but you get the point! its monday at 2pm and i am still recovering from the awesome weekend we had!

this past saturday was national scrapbook day and we had a scavenger hunt game to celebrate! we also had a day time crop to go with our regular night crop. this was the first day crop that we've had, and i'd say that it was a success! we'll be letting you know when we'll do that again, so if you wanna day crop, be on the lookout for that!

have you heard of copics? those are these nifty little pens that are used by comic book creators to color in the drawn images. im not sure when or how, but now these pens are being used by stampers to color in their stamped images.

keep in mind, i have not used one of these pens before and i dont know anything about them, but the reason why i am posting about them is because i want to start playing with them! i'm going to try and see if i can pick some up today and get started with them. the only thing i know about these pens is that they can get quite costly. so, if you play with these bad boys, i'd love to hear your input about them! why you like them, why you dont, cool tricks and anything you can think of. i'll let you know how it goes!

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