try to make a move just to stay in the game

before i get into the fun pictures, let me tell you a story about how last evening went...

when i got home last night, i was really ono for some vegetarian chili. being that i had purchased the ingredients the night before, i was fully prepared to make some. i finished chopping all the usual vegetables that i put in it but this time i wantedto try it with some jalepeno in it. i had one small pepper and started chopping it up.

now, i know that you NEVER touch your face after you prepare jalepeno pepper unless you thouroughly wash and dry your hands. so knowing this, i used the very bottom bottom of my palm to rub my slightly itchy eye. a few minutes later, the skin next to my eye is getting tingly, so i walk to the bathroom to try and wash it out. i wash my hands with soap and water, then proceed to rub my eye.

BIG MISTAKE! i must not have washed my hands well enough cuz now my eye is on FIRE!!! then i think, "ok, i should take out my contacts to relieve myself" OMG!!! now both my eyes are dying!!!! even though its super painful, i manage to take them out and my eyes get better after a few minutes.

yeah. my fun evening....i felt so dumb.....ok! now on to the fun stuff!

first of all, i know you remember that mini album i made with the list of things i wanna do before i die. i updated it and i wanna show you! this is what my finished cover looks like:
that ribbon weaving is one of my favorite ways to use ribbon because it adds so much texture and dimension at the same time. next i have one of the inside pages to show you. in case you cant tell, this page says "date a HOT fireman"

this next item was something one of our customers made for me for my birthday. one day, she randomly asked me for my favorite colors and i told her that they were black and white. a little while later, she walks in and plops this on the counter!
some of it looks a little blurry cuz i had to use a scanner (today i have off and the camera is at the store) it is so beautiful and i have no idea what i should put in it...i'm thinking about storing some ribbon in it for now..
speaking of ribbon, i wanted to show you another cool way to use ribbon on a page. this page is a 6x6 for a mini album. i used a double sided tape to make the pleats and stapled them down instead of sewing it.
if you try this technique with a printed ribbon, it makes for interesting results.

and since today was my day off, i decided to pay a visit to our friends at the bead gallery! i bought my mom a mothers day gift and i spent most of the early afternoon making these:
they are a pair of earrings made from swarovski (i think thats how its spelled) crystals and silver wire and chains. all in all, it took me -with help from the bead girl- an hour to design and create. not bad huh? i love dangly earrings and i love greys...they look so elegant! thanks aga jamie! dont forget to check out their new blog, i helped them put it together!
i'm gonna go enjoy the rest of my day off now, bye guys!

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