ive been missin you crazy

so you know how we've been out of disney/wedding/travel stuff for like ever right? well.... we FINALLY got our shipment in! it seems like forever ago that we placed that order and i have no idea why it took so long to get here! either way, we are restocked on our disney/wedding/travel embellishments!

many of you may know this, but National Scrapbook Day is the first saturday of every May and this year it falls on May 2nd. first of all, i cant spill all the details, but i can tell you to lookout for an email from us that should help give you an idea of what we have planned! if you arent signed up for our email newsletter, send me an email and i can help fix that!

i know this post is kinda short, but i must be off to work on the new website! as soon as that is up, we will be sure to announce it here and in an email. see you later!

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