one way to say those three words

hey! sorry its taken me so long to post. i've had a very trying morning and lets not get into details...onto the fun stuff!

we got in a small order that included bazzill cardstock (i love me some bazzill!) and a couple new things! these three stamps sets are from autumn leaves and we ordered them way back in january at CHA and they finally came in!
this first one is a beautiful flourish set that would go perfectly with any card or layout. i love flourishes so much, i have way way way too many flourish stamps! sometimes a flourish is that one final touch to really MAKE your project.
these next two sets are really cool. they are more than meets the eye because you can stamp the different layers!
first, you stamp the outline. the outline is what you usually get with any other stamp. after you stamp the outline, you must use the second layer to stamp the first color. then you'll see that you are almost done, you just need the last layer which will complete your image. the last layer applies the second color and presto! you have a colored in monkey!
and we replenished our stock of bone folders! this bad boy has quickly become one of my favorite tools. as i've said before, i'm not much of a cardmaker, but i still use this guy everytime i scrap.
bone folders are especially great to use when you are working with chipboard. if you cover a large piece of chipboard with paper, you can use a bone folder to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles! i also do a lot of distressing in my work, so when i wrinkle my paper for texture but dont want the dimension, all i do is get out my bone folder and smooth it out like an iron!
remember that mini album i made with the 50 things i wanna do before i die? well i have updated it and i wanna show you! but unfortunately you'll have to wait for tomorrow to see that post. i also want to show you what one of our customers made me for my birthday earlier this month, so you can look forward to that too!
if you get a chance, stop by my friend's blog. she just started it and i helped her fix up design and i'm sure she'd love to have visitors! i'll see you later!

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