blame it on the goose

i have teasers for you!
for my dirty dirty class, we are making two 2-page layouts and i wanna give you a sneaky peeky! this first one gives away a little bit of the theme:
and the second set:
if you wanna see the complete layouts, feel free to next time you stop by Scrapbook Heaven!
and of course you didnt forget that im teaching the basic grey class this month right? right! i didnt think youd forget! i finally finished the sample! keep in mind my page is different from what the instructions say, so if you wanna make the layout i made, then you have to sign up and attend class. also, when you attend this class, i will be using the leftover pieces to put together a card!
i did my layout on my most recent birthday: the big 2-0! this layout is also available to view when you come to Scrapbook Heaven!
as you may know, i've been working on the website. its not perfect yet, but it has some function! my most recent update to it was the class schedule. when you go to our home page, the left side of the page has the link to our class schedule. when you click it there is a new page with a tiny calendar on it. if you click the tiny calendar, i blows up on a new page and you can see all the dates for our classes this month!
i was really proud of that page because i wasnt sure how i was going to display the classes, but then a stroke of genius and voila!
i have to be going, see ya!

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