if i lay here

good afternoon starshine! the earth says hello!!! today is wednesday and it is a lovely day! its been quite windy and the sun is shining! how are you doing? good i hope...

so i bought half the paint for my room. since my room is currently a really dark blue, i bought primer and had it tinted and i bought the paint for the ceiling. apparently you are supposed to paint the ceiling first, so guess what i'm going to be doing on my day off tomorrow!!! yup...im gonna paint :)
in other news, i just wanted to give you guys a reminder about our sticker sale! we only have a couple days left, it ends this friday!
and i finally uploaded the photos from last friday's class!!! it was a mommy and me class where we made a gift for dad for daddy day!
i love working with acrylic paint. its so dirty and wonderful :)
you can just see the concentration on their faces!
and mom is having such fun!
and look, im lurking in the background! i have no idea who i was talking to...looks important though right?
ok, here is were the spoiler starts! make daddy look away now!!!
its a picture frame where you can hang your keys!!
wasnt this fun?
take a peek at our most recent creations!
everytime i turn on our cricut, i discover a new little trick it can do! we have about 10 cartridges and they each do some really neat stuff. this is from the "stretch your imagination" cartridge:
i know its nothing ultra fancy with goobers coming out, but hey i like it! this card was cut in two pieces; the turtle and card base are one and the blue wave frame is the other. i still wanna put more into this card, but i'm gonna figure that out later!
i ended up making a couple of the cards that were in our card class, and this card was the first time i had ever used the kraft colored cardstock! at first i didnt really get the big deal about this color, but after using it, i realized that sometimes this color is that little "something" thats missing! i could not have found a more perfect color to go with this card and im glad i tried it out!
here's the inside. it has a little pocket on the left to put goodies inside! its a new accucut that we have that is great to use as a single card or even better for invitations! the pocket is perfect for rsvp, directions, registration...you name it!

i have to get going, but thanks for stoping by!

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