you're the only one i'd be with

quick update! remember that journey ticket giveaway we did? well the tickets were for the wednesday show and the winner sent us a picture from the meet and greet!

i had no idea that the singer was soooooo tiny! i guess that makes him more aerodynamic cuz that dude FLIES all over the stage!

then we had tickets to the thursday show (yesterday) we forgot the camera, but i was able to get a few shots on my phone! this first one is of my dad and me waiting for the show to start. i have so few pictures of us together, so luckily i caught him in a "picture taking mood"

and this last one is a picture of when the band first showed up on stage. i know its really dark, but hey, its not too shabby for a camera phone pic right?

i have a few more pictures on my phone, but they are still being emailed. and yeah you guessed it, i'm gonna scrapbook them!!! you know those handy word albums that we custom make? i'm gonna order one that sayd "journey" and scrap all these phone pics in them!
here at the store we also carry those recorder things that you can put in your scrapbook; They are by "Speakin Up" and they can record 30 seconds of sound! here's what they look like:
what im gonna do is record 30 seconds of my favorite journey song, and stick this recorder in the word album im gonna make! cool huh? i post updates of that project when i get around to it, it should be really awesome!

another thing you can do with this recorder is to record your child talking. it doesnt matter what they say, just a snippet of them speaking. add this element to your page and save it for when they grow up. in about 10-15 years, you will be so glad you did it! when my brother was little, my mom recorded him talking, played it back recently and it was so precious! when you scrapbook, you are capturing an image of a particular moment, but when you add these recorders, you add another dimension of time to preserve even more of your favorite memories! next time you stop by Scrapbook Heaven, be sure to ask about these "Speakin Up" recorders!

i must hele, see ya!

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