Project i just finished!

this is a mini album one year in the making!!! isnt that ridiculous? it took me a whole year to make this! well...technically a couple of days spread out in a year, but still!

roughly a year ago i got this beautiful bracket album and added the paper on the chipboard. from there i lost inspiration so i left it aside for a while.

eventually i added the giant flower on the front and a little ink here and there but i really felt nothing when i looked at this album. so once more i left it aside...

then last week when i started to clean out my craft stuff i came across this album and the extra paper that went with it and i said, "tomorrow night, i'm gonna finish this album!" so the next night (saturday) i went about finishing it.

i worked on one page at a time (slow and steady wins the race!) and before i knew it i had actually finished it!

i have the pictures planned out, its just a matter of printing them! this album is so fun and girly so i decided to put "girls night out" pictures!

rome wasnt built in a day and neither should your art work! scrapbooking is art; the art of memories!
i would definetly suggest that all crafters go through their stash once in while, because when you do, you rediscover old treasures and you get a better mental inventory of what you have. once in a while you'll find that album you started back in the stone ages and you'll feel the inspiration you need to put the finishing touches.

today i'll be working on the sample for the make and takes this saturday! i'll post another update when i have the photos of those. plus, are you our fan on facebook? why not???? go add us!

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