These are a few of my favorite things...

So we have a small toy area for the keiki to play while mommy/daddy/aunty/uncle shop around. We keep it sort of on the other side of the register, just beneath the counter. One of my favorite things about having this little play area is the stories that these kids come up with.

One of our toys is this little castle with little people to go with it. Kids play with this the most, and they animate the little people that they play with! So they make the little princess talk to the little prince while the king and queen sit idly by. I swear, it's the cutest thing ever! You would think mostly girls would play with this little castle, but boys love it too! Sometimes, I take a moment to listen to the stories, but I do know that each time I hear one, it warms my heart.

One day, when I get a chance, I want to post of pic of the keiki that frequent our humble little store. See you later folks!


Congratulations on your new blog!
Love your store location, because I can hop over anytime I run out of stuff in the midst of a project! Also love all the great new things you always have and yes, what I enjoy the most are your awesome sales!

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