Elle Oh Elle

So this month we are having a promotion in store where for each $75 you spend, you get a pair of tickets to the AugieT comedy show at the Pagoda. I think so far we gave away about half.

I got a chance to go to his Pagoda show last month, and man was that a good show! The crowd was small that night, probably because it was on July 4th. I got a chance to talk with Augie after that show and he said that he really enjoys doing small crowds like that because it gives him a chance to do a routine and yet still incorporate some improv in there. Another really great thing about Augie is that he is a good community servant, and wants to see Hawaii's keiki succeed, so that is why we at Scrapbook Heaven are donating some of this month's proceeds to his "Speak the Dream Foundation."

I'm also very eager to get in more new things. I love getting new things! We have started to get some stuff in, so far I'm lovin all of it, but I really can't wait to get more! The newest so far is the BoBunny Spooktastic, Beau Jardin, and Believe collections and they are all to DIE for! I myself got a chance to buy 3 of each paper! Yes, yes, I too am a giant paper collector. I have a HUGE stash at home in my closet and it grows all the time, but what helps me with my paper addiction is that I know I will use it!

Now, I am off to go back home and make something with my paper stash! Au revoir!

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