the final week!

hey! here's to the final week! saturday is our last day and boy is it fast approaching. we still have a few things left (mostly paper, ribbon, and a handful of embellishments).

first of all, i want to say thanks to all of the well wishers! this has been an interesting journey and i am so glad that you all came along for the ride. we have many adventures planned ahead so thanks for all the good luck you've sent our way!

i also wish to tell you that i'm going to upkeep my blog with my crafty stuff so if you hang around, i'll be posting pretty things to inspire you :) i'll probably start posting again in early march so i can get everything settled at home :)

i've had a lot of great memories here and i have met some of my dearest friends here. i have learned a lot from working here and i have made lots of discoveries for my future here. needless to say, i am grateful for every single moment of this store. i truly hope that you all enjoyed the last three years as much as we have.

see you soon!

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