a little more eye candy for ya!

here's a little somethin somethin to get you inspired (hopefully!)

this is an album i made for a friend of mine (her bday was in nov, but i only got a chance to post these pics now!). its another 4x4 with no printed paper, all cardstock.

the cover was made last. i had a very hard time coming up with something, just because i feel that the cover should set the tone for the rest of the book. why make an "ok" cover when you feel like the rest is award winning???? either way...i was pleased with this cover :) its velvet cardstock with dry embossing, feathers, a purple chipboard circle w/love stamped and covered in irisescent glitter.

some of the pages were really simple, but still look really cool. this page is just a dark purple cardstock w/an embossed guitar

this page has a smattering of crackle paint. usually i put crackle paint on a piece of chipboard, but this time i experimented! i painted it right onto the cardstock and left a dry-brush technique around the outside. once the crackle paint dried, i used my finger to smear some distress stickles. many people have asked what the difference is between regular stickles and distress stickles and in doing these mini albums i figured it out! regular stickles have glitter that reflect a colored sparkle, distress stickles are see through so the color is there but the sparkle is colorless.

playing with some lace! i love lace, its my new obsession!
since i tryed out this ribbon weaving technique, i cant stop!!! here it is once more in purple :)
flowers flowers flowers! my albums dont get a stamp of approval unless there is at least one flower (yeah, even my boy pages get flowers. its my scrapbook, so if i say flower, FLOWER!!!)
another simple page. see that bird stamped in white? i bought that stamp 2 years ago and that was the first time i used it!
and the final page, my absolute FAVE (save the best for last right?) there are few words to describe the pride i have in this page. like i said before, there isnt any printed paper in this book...so um yeah, i totally made that design! i used distress inks for all of it: the background, edges and the stamp.
what makes this page extra special is that that background purple is a custom mixed color! the purple distress ink is a tad too blue for this color scheme, so i put some purple, a little red and a touch of black and BAM you get this! i call it Caroline Purple :)

and since this book had flowers, it got my stamp of approval :)
i'm working on a few more albums, so i'll post those here when i'm done :) also, just some fyi, we have 4 new valentine collections coming in, so be on the look out for that post/email/facebook update!!!
see you later!

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