"spring" cleaning

i dont have pics to share today, but i did want to let you guys in on some info i got from a magazine article.

you know how i've been on this crazy mini album craze? it felt like i crankin um out every week! well much to my dismay, over the weekend, i felt myself slip into a slump! out of nowhere, i hadnt any ideas or drive to make stuff, not even a single page!

(heres a little background info) when i work on a project, i gather all the paper & embellishments i want to use for it and put it in a folder or container of some sort (this way i wont have to keep diggin around when im in the middle of a good idea). when i finish the project and move on to the next one, i never bother to clean out the container that housed the old project's stuff. eventually, i end up with several piles of papers, ribbons and embellishments all over the place.

it finally dawned on me, that the piles and the slump are related. when im surrounded by old mess and disorganization, i feel down in the dumps and unable to work. now, the article i read was more about the cleaning up than the relation between being messy and downward slumps, but thats what i am going to share with you :)

if ever you feel bleh about your crafting, take some time to spruce up your area. when doing anything that invloves creativity, its best to work in an area that is inspiring (sometimes it takes some persiring to make something inspiring).

if you feel bleh about your selection of goodies and your pocket book is feeling a little tight, i suggest going through your crafty storage and pulling out some product that you havent seen for a while and work it into your page.

when you work on organizing your work area, keep in mind that whatever you use most should be kept closest to your work station. if you do end up diggin out some older goodies, try and store them in arms reach so that its easier to access them.

im still in the process of fixing up my area, but i highly suggest you try some of these tips. you never know if it'll take you out of your slump :)

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