chang chang changity chang shoo bop

i love grease. i guess it inspired my wardrobe today? (I'm wearing a plain white tshirt with blue jeans hehe) anyway, i had that lyric stuck in my head from earlier and i thought you might enjoy it.

so I'd say that i am easy to entertain. give me some paper, glue and an hour's time and you'd be amazed at what i can come up with. now, give me a camera, that's a different story! i know i haven't posted a new pic in a while, so, i thought I'd grab a fabulous new toy from a recent shipment, and show you whats going on here at Scrapbook Heaven!

so basically those pics mean that we got the coveted cricut spatula back in!
also, i'm not sure how many of you knew this, but our windows are tinted, so it sort of looks like the lights are off and no one is home. We are open all seven days of the week and we usually close on certain holidays (the next closed day will be labor day). So if it looks like our store is closed in the middle of the day, that may not be the case! On the lower right hand side of our blog, i posted our store hours, so you can double check if you like. While we're on that note, i also wanted to let you know that if our store has been looking a bit on the darker side, its because we only turn on half of our lights to cut down on the electricity. this way, we can save energy and it won't drive up the cost of the goods you love so much!

tip for today: when you start using your collection of alpha stickers, never throw away what you don't use because if ever you need an "r" from that sheet of stickers, you could easily cut up an "n" and you have got an instant "r."
Oh, and i heard word that we're going to have a new commercial on the radio. be sure to tune in to 93.1 the zone to here it! see you soon!


I love mixing my alphabets. I think they call it alpha altering. You know me - drty and changed.

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