Tip for Today

I can't remember who I was talking to about this, but I recall telling someone that I absolutely love acrylic stamps, they are so addictive! I have TONS of them at home, and I use them in almost every project. My faves are the corners and borders, because it allows me the creative freedom to make my own paper. Sometimes acrylic stamps are the last missing touch on a card you've been working on for weeks, or they finally finish junior boy's first grade scrapbook page. Basically, they are very versatile!

So here is my tip: For those of you who have already jumped onto this awesome bandwagon, you may notice occasionally that sometimes, the ink comes out spotty when you stamp the image. Its not anything you are doing, so no worries! Usually, acrylic stamps are very slick when they are brand new, so in order for some inks to grip the image, you gotta rough up the surface. In order to do that, clean the stamp of all inks. Once its dry, take a pencil eraser and gently rub the surface of the stamp. Try inking the stamp with the rubber part face up, this way you can tell if the stamp is inked all the way. If you look closely, you can see that the ink will cover the surface, but if you notice that the ink has gathered in tiny little pools, then you may want to try rubbing it a little harder. Stamp the image, and there you go!

I love using acrylic stamps. I'm sure with the right collection, you guys will love them too!

Until we meet again!


okayso I justfound your blog. Love that your store has a blog. Love it love it

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