i gotta do it

i know the blog has been very boring lately, no pictures no fun stuff. i have no idea what is wrong with our computer, but we can't seem to upload any pictures from here! not even to costco so we can print them, so i will have to resort to posting the pictures up when i get home.

i really wanted to show you the my minds eye stuff, its quite pretty! but you can check out their website for the images.

we are also expecting the martha stewart edge punches soon. we've been expecting them for a while, i have no idea why we dont have them yet. the companies never tell us when anything is shipping, so we never have a time frame for when we should be expecting stuff. so if you are waiting for the new edge punches, be sure to keep an eye on this blog because this will be the first place i update!

we are also working on the march class schedule, so hopefully that will be available soon! i am planning on a paper crafting class and a few other *somethings* i am so excited!

i have to get going now, i'm about to go and get my hair cut, so i will talk to you later!
*maybe i can post a pic of my hair when i get home! cross your fingers!*

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