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hey! hi! howzit! whats up? there are so many ways to say hello!

i had a great weekend. it left me cheerful, chipper and in a very creative mood. i started working on my "bucket list" book, and got a lot done. if you are wondering what my bucket list book is, allow me to explain: a "bucket list" is basically a list of things one wishes to accomplish before they kick the bucket. get it? i think its super cute. i refer to my book as "the bucket list book" but when i actually glue the title to the cover, it will say "50 things before I die" just because i want the number "50" in there. its a 6x6 mini book with 52 pages on the inside. each page will have a goal or wish and the extra 2 pages are going to be the intro and a letter to the future me. sounds cool huh? i still have to make my list though...

picture time! i have the picture of our February 20th class:

this class is going to be taught by the same lady that taught that awesome valentine mini book last month! I like to call her Madame Distress, cuz she distresses everything! i took her class last month, and it really inspired me to be different with the way i go about my crafting; it really removes the type A in you! i had been searching for the something that would give me my groove back, and her class was IT! her teaching style reminded me how to get back into the groove of things. she is also a bottomless pit of ideas. seriously.
this class is $20 and starts at 6:30 on Friday the 20th. if you like the layout but are unable to attend the class, ask us about the class kit!
alright, i am starving right now, so im gonna go eat! talk to you later!

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