when i grow up, i wanna be famous

alrighty folks, you can blink your eyes as much as you want, but what you see is NOT mirage! i can put pics up again! YAY!!!!!!!!!

ok, today is february 20th, and we have this class tonight:

as many of you may have seen, we sent out an email regarding this class about how you can get a free gift when you sign up. we still have a few spots left for the free gift, so be sure to ask about that when you call to sign up. the deadline to sign up will be up until 6pm this evening, which is roughly half and hour before class starts. so leave the kids with dad, grab your scrappy stuff and come on down to Scrapbook Heaven! this class not only works with distressing techniques, but you also learn about using templates and tips on how to keep your scrapbook hobby affordable! some of you may not know, but here at Scrapbook Heaven, when you take our classes you get to shop for 10% off on the day of class!

we have opened up 2 crop days in the month of march, the first and third saturdays from 6pm to midnight. So that would be Saturday March 7th & Saturday March 21st. the crop is $5 to sign up and when you arrive at the crop, you get $5 in store credit to spend that evening! we take Visa and MasterCard over the phone, so feel free to give us a call at 680-9000 to reserve your seat! these crops fill up fast, so as soon as you open up your schedule, call us!

in other news... are any of you familiar with martha stewarts border punches? lately, her valentine lace punch has been really popular and a very highly requested item here. here's what it looks like:

sadly enough, this punch is no longer being made this season! how badly does that stink? when martha makes her seasonal stuff, she only makes one batch and once that batch is gone, its gone :( they were going to make another batch of this product, but since not enough stores ordered it, they decided not to produce another batch. unfortunately, our order fell between the two batches so we never got a chance to get our order in! so if you know anyone who has this punch, be their friend! i heard that they are selling on ebay for upwards of $60! my goodness!

are any of you familiar with the bead gallery? they are a quaint little store on ward ave, and this past tuesday i went in for the first time! the owner (aka Bead Girl) is one of our customers and has been for a while. i have never worked with beads before, but i was very eager to see her store. when i walked in, she explained that it could be very overwhelming to a newcomer and boy was she right! i guess thats how it feels to be a first time scrapper and walk into our store huh? anyhoo... after looking around, my mom and i decided to sign up for a custom class to do wire wrapping. mom and i thought it would be a nice idea to do a bead class once a month as a "mommy and me" class (how silly is that? i'm almost twenty years old and i still do the "mommy and me" thing!!) if its not obvious, i am so excited about this class! i think we are making chandelier earrings, but im not sure.

check out their website, they have lots of information on there including class stuff, photos and lots more!

also, we are having a sale on american crafts paper that ends this sunday the 22nd. 40% off american crafts paper, and 30% off american crafts thickers and rubons. archangel's receive an additional 5% off these sale items.

i think this post is long enough, so....bye!

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