I am a rock star.

new year, new blog. why not? this one is a lot easier to navigate than the last one. also, not sure if any of you saw that tagboard page on the old layout, but it got SPAMMED!!! and not the good kine spam that comes out of the can, the annoying kind that goes everywhere on the internet! oh, and fyi, i am a vegetarian so i don't eat spam, but back in the day when i ate meat, spam musubi was DA BOMB!!!! another bonus of this new blog, you can comment now, so have at it guys!

alright, lets get down to business. its 2009, the start of an EXCELLENT year! i believe its about 12 or 13 days until we have a new president? are those dates right? either way, that should be interesting. what else is going on... class shedule to the left there, also we have crops too. if you want the prices for any of those, feel free to call, 680-9000.

You know about the angel's club right? well, we have decided to have another club for the "hardcore" scrappers. well, maybe its not a whole new club, more like an upgrade! Here goes: its called the Archangels Club. For $40 a year you get use of competitor coupons, 10% off everyday, 40% off one item on your birthday, 1 free class per year, 50% off sale bin, quarterly member only sales. oh and you know those Angel Club coupons? those become 15% off! Feel free to call with questions.

Did you hear about that mini album class? well, i have the book in store, so today when you stop by, go ahead and ask to see it, you'll be glad you did! the project is called "14 days of Love" its taught by The Distress Queen. She is a great teacher who has taught with us before, but took a break to have 2 kids (she has a total of 3 boys, they are all the cutest kids ever. seriously, you have got to see their chubby little cheeks.) This project is featuring the American Crafts "Romance" collection.

I must be going for now, but i will be back later! try not to miss me too bad! :)

I will try to do more photos, but lately i haven't had our camera on me and i tried to add a few pictures today but blogger won't let me, i will try to add photos to this post later on this evening from my home computer.


Hi Roxie
Great job on the blog site. It is definitely a lot easier. Will it also have pictures with the blog

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